For such a small island, Jamaica seems to bring out the creativity in its people. This creativity, as well as the desire to forge one's own path, leads to many creative routes paved by the island's people. The artist for today's #DancehallFridays spotlight is no different.  

 Zeej Sterling 

Zeej Sterling 

Zeej Sterling, who has been dabbling in music production, mixing, engineering, directing and animation, has forged his creative path with his company, Reptilez Recording Studio, which was established in 2010 in Claredon, Jamaica. Sterling's YouTube channel has been the best place to see all of his creative endeavors, which most recently are his Jamaican-inspired animations. 

Sterling produces and animates an up-and-coming popular cartoon titled the Dancehall Street Clash series. He describes his channel as the Jamaican Cartoon Network, where he creates hilarious parodies of hardcore dancehall music/artists and their beefs, as well as popular news stories. Currently, he has close to 14,000 subscribers and over 100,000 views on many of his cartoons. With every week, Sterling churns out the laughs with his creative cartoon vibes. 





Watch his latest creation here on KingstonToLA.

Photos via Instagram @zeej_sterling