Many dancehall fans are familiar with Wayne Wonder and his fusion of reggae and dancehall music. One of his first hits, back in 2003, "No Letting Go," used the popular Diwali riddim and topped No. 11 on the US music charts. His cross-genre appeal has been keeping listeners hyped for over a decade. 

Many dancehall lovers never let him go, and the good news is Mr. Wonder never let the love of his island's music go either. In 2017 alone, Mr. Wonder has released multiple new songs and music videos. So we won't keep you waiting. Enjoy the catalog of music videos Mr. Wonder has released over the past few months. Wheel up!!

If you're in LA and want to see Wayne Wonder in concert,  Mark your calendar for August 12th! 

Have a "Wonder"ful holiday weekend!! 

* Featured photo courtesy of @waynewondermusic & Instagram