The newest dance movie to hit the screen is like none before, as it portrays a realistic take on dancehall vibes. Nick Cannon not only wrote and executive produced the film, he directed and starred in it. King of the Dancehall, is a culturally driven movie that gives viewers a look inside where dancehall originated and why it continues to be a major influence on music and dance today.


The movie stars many recognizable faces, Whoopi Goldberg, Louis Gossett Jr., Busta Rhymes, Kreesha Turner, Beenie Man, Nick Cannon (as the lead Tarzan) and his love/dance interest Maya, played by newcomer Kimberly Patterson.

The film is the first of its kind to capture the true vibrancy and grit of the dancehall dance style. It was filmed in Kingston, Jamaica, for pure authenticity. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter Cannon put it best: 

"Music and dance are universal themes, and I'm excited to partner with YouTube to bring a story about the world's sexiest dance tradition to its massive audience," Cannon also said in a statement: "This film invites viewers into a vibrant yet little-known world outside of the Caribbean β€” the Jamaican dancehall. We assembled an amazing cast, mixed documentary footage from real-life dancehall scenes, and collaborated with music legends to bring King of the Dancehall to life."  

Cannon's production company, Ncredible Productions, released the film in partnership with YouTube Red on August 2nd, as he wanted to premiere the film around Jamaica's 55th Independence celebration. The movie is a must see. If you don't have YouTube Red click here to sign up. Watch the trailer below:

Get more insight into the making of King of the Dancehall as Nick Cannon and Kreesha Turner talk about the movie on New York's Hot 97:

Featured photo courtesy of @kimzie_kim & Instagram