The FDM vibes catch many of us by surprise here on the West Coast. A fast-paced dancehall infused freight train, that was born from a Brooklyn dance style. Bruk Up, a Jamaican-Brooklynite who founded the "Flex Dance" style; which is known for its quick disjointed movements, was able to spread this style of dance throughout the island neighborhoods within Brooklyn. The music accompanying this style of dance was originally called, "Flex Tunes," and now is appropriately named FDM. Both are ever evolving and have a heavy influence on dance music across the globe.

@hitmakerchinx  getting the crowd hyped

@hitmakerchinx getting the crowd hyped

One of our favorite proprietors of the FDM vibes is Hitmakerchinx. As a popular dancer for the likes of Rihanna and ASAP Ferg, the dancer/producer's most recent releases musically, perfectly encompass the FDM feel. His critically acclaimed release in 2017, Shades & Monsters: FDM Classics, was a retrospective of the FDM sound. So, if you're new to the sound, this is the perfect place to start your musical journey and dance your ass off.    

All photos courtesy of @hitmakerchinx & Instagram