Cham, or Baby Cham to many of fans, is the old school, now new school man of dancehall. It's been a while since Cham has promoted an album and boy is he back with a story to tell. Earlier this week Cham graced the stage at the Dub Club here in Los Angeles and we were all ears. 

His performance was intoxifying, upbeat and all around one of the best live shows, we have seen in a while. A definite treat to many of his loyal fans.

Cham is on tour promoting the release of his new album Lawless, which will drop soon on June 9th. Keep a look out for his new tune featuring Miss O "Get Drunk," the second single off the album produced by Dave Kelly of Madhouse Records. The tune is a fusion of world and dancehall beats with sexy vibes.


Stay tuned to Kingston To LA for an exclusive interview with the reggae dancehall star.


Following up from our last week's edition of Dancehall Fridays: Music Videos x Short Films Alkaline releases a 10 minute short "After All" directed by Jay Will and produced by Lee Milla Productions. Pree below:

Photo's form KingstonToLA's @redgreenandblonde