Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley has released a new single and music video for his song "Nail Pon Cross." It has been 11 years since his Grammy-winning album, Welcome to Jam Rock, debuted. 

The much beloved Marley received some criticism over the imagery of the video when he posted a still of himself crucified to a telephone pole on social media earlier this month. Many critics saw this image as an affront to Christ, but when you watch the video in its entirety, this artistic choice makes sense. It is a symbol, a message that reminds the viewer to be kind to others and to not judge others based on stereotypes seen in the media.

The video was filmed in Los Angeles by director Darren Craig. It not only shows Marley pon di cross, but also a black youth, a white police officer, a Mexican gangster, and a Muslim. All subjects of criticism and judgement recently, Marley's message of non-judgement and acceptance shines through.     

Watch the video here on KNG2LA.

Marley's new album, named after where he grew up in Jamaica-Stony Hill, will be released October 28th. He will be headlining a small US tour prior to the debut of his album. Catch him soon in a city near you. 

After the album release, Damian Jr. Gong Marley will be on board the Jam Rock cruise, November 14th to 19th. Don't miss out!