Follow Chi Ching Ching on Instagram @chichingchingja

Follow Chi Ching Ching on Instagram @chichingchingja

Rising dancehall artiste Chi Ching Ching has been having a stellar year. He's become the first artiste signed to Dutty Rock Productions, the label owned and founded by multi-platinum music icon Sean Paul.

"Joining the Dutty Rock Productions is an excellent move, Sean Paul and I have always been friends. He has always been supportive of my career. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have an icon, who is one of the biggest superstars in dancehall`s history and sold over 20 million records, supporting and pushing Chi Ching Ching. The world await pan da ‘Rock Di World’ single yah fi a while now, suh is a good look.” Chi Ching Ching said in a recent statement to the press.

Known for creating waves with his original style and millennial appeal, Chi Ching Ching fits right at home at Dutty Rock Productions. Mentor Sean Paul mentions "Ching is a vibrant young dancehall artist with a big future. I'm pleased to be presenting 'Rock Di World' off his upcoming album Turning Tables on the Dutty Rock label and making the first steps in the movements."

Now getting ready to launch his EP "Turning Tables" in January 2018, Chi Ching Ching drops the new video for his hit single "Rock Di World." Stay tuned for more greatness from Chi Ching Ching well into the new year.

Watch the video for "Rock Di World" here on KingstonToLA:

Featured image of Chi Ching Ching via Dutty Rock Productions.