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Jamaican dancehall artist Boom Steppa has been actively speaking out against Jamaica's rampant gun violence in a series of videos he recently released via social media. The artist is adamant in his message: it is time to teach the youth of Jamaica a better way. He has been calling out dancehall artists who continue to perpetuate the cycle of violence by glorifying the "badman" lifestyle. He has also spoken out against a more recent Jamaican issue, the notorious lottery scam epidemic. 

See his first video released on his Facebook channel here:

Shortly after speaking out in his first Facebook address, the baby's mother of fellow dancehall star, Elephant Man, was killed in a tragic home invasion. Boom Steppa made a follow-up video after the incident, where he described the incident and the tragedy. He has since deleted the video, but his message is clear. The violence has become a toxic branch of Jamaican society that can affect those closest to you. 

KingstonToLA recently caught up with the artist via email to hear firsthand how he would like to see the violence in Jamaica rectified: 

KNG2LA: Living in Jamaica, gun violence can, unfortunately, become a normal occurrence. What inspired you to speak out against Jamaica's gun culture?

Boom Steppa: I am also a victim of this gun culture and gang violence. I have been shot before and have lost a lot of friends and family to gun violence, so I know exactly what my people feel every day and I don't think Jamaicans deserve to live their lives in fear. If we all unite and stand against this, I am sure things will start to change for the better.

KNG2LA: What are your hopes for a new Jamaica?

BS: My hope for Jamaica is for people to start loving themselves and each other. Love God and stand strong for what is right and that will start the healing process because the children will live what they learn. So it's up to us to set the good examples.

KNG2LA: With the backlash you have received, do you regret speaking out?

BS: I am not affected in any way, because anybody who don't support what I stand for, I don't need their support anyway. So, I ignore the backlash and pay attention to the ones who are standing with me.

KNG2LA: We stand with you and support what you're doing. What's next for you?

BS: I am currently promoting a single titled "One Life" from my debut EP titled My Way. The song is getting fair airplay thus far and the official HD music video to compliment it will be released later this month. I'm also working on my second EP, to drop early 2017, and I want my fans to know I will be touring extensively with this project, so I will be in your city soon.

Now this is an artist to stand behind. One filled with talent, principles and vision. Listen to Boom Steppa's hot single "One Life" here on KingstonToLA:

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