Los Angeles is the home of movie stars, television, movie magic and the birthplace of Reality TV. There's something about watching other people living their daily lives that draws us in. It can give us a different view that may spice up the mundane reality of our own lives. 

Taking notes from past reality shows and the LA lifestyle are some of the baddest dancehall dancers of Jamaica, starring in their own YouTube saries titled Bad Girls of Dancehall. The show follows top names on the Jamaican dancehall scene, Renee, Sher, Aneika, and Chinny Unique through their daily outings. This gives the viewers an inside look at the Jamaican Dancehall culture and the entertaining lives of these dancehall queens. 

 Left to right: Sher, Chinny, Aneika, Renee. Photo via @chinny_unique

Left to right: Sher, Chinny, Aneika, Renee. Photo via @chinny_unique

The show is produced by Damanic "Maniac" Green, Blaine "Blade" Pingue, Junior Smith, and Raymond "Shadow" Small. It premiered on February 12th on YouTube and is presented by Triad Media, published every other Sunday. Now in their third episode, the reality show is really taking shape. The ladies personalities are coming through the screen, making for an interesting series of tiffs and spats, dancehall parties, stage shows, confessions and a lot of laughs. One YouTube viewer put it best:

Shyx2:  "Four girls with different personalities that makes the show, if they were all the same it would be boring. Sher the confident one, Renee the shy one, Aneika the humble one and Chinny the people person one. These ladies are showing there talent, not to settle for less."   

Watch Bad Girls of Dancehall Episode 3, "Come Out" here on KingstonToLA and catch Episode 4 on Triad Media's channel March 26th. 

*Featured photo via Dancehall Queen Aneika