Bad Royale has become one of the hottest names in electronic dance music. Four talented producers make up the dynamic group whose ”only dreams in life are to create awesome music and to hunt sharks with laser guns from space", as stated in their bio on Instagram. Well, at least one of their dreams has come true.

Maor Levi, Kevin Wild, Bruce Karlsson and Elias Ghosn make up Bad Royale. Based in San Diego, CA, the group has been creating awesome music for quite some time now. Three of the four members are veteran musicians and recognizable names in EDM, so they split their time working on Bad Royale while maintaining solo careers. Their combined talents and initial promotional support from Buygore Records, accompanied by the release of their first EP Move Like on the Mad Decent label, has helped bolster their ongoing success. The group is culturally diverse with Levi from Israel, Wild from Norway, Karlsson of Mexican and Swedish decent, and Ghosn, a Lebanese-American. Dance music fans are mesmerized by the group's unique camaraderie.  


According to an interview with, the name Bad Royale was forged from those backgrounds. The group first went by the name Kingdumb, but soon realized, with the help of marketing-savvy Ghosn (the only member without a DJing or musical background) their name should be Bad Royale. His mission was to tell the group's individual stories while tying together their various backgrounds.

The group recently released their latest EP Treasures from Tomorrow for Good Enuff Records. They also just wrapped up a recording session, finalizing a track with Meghan Trainor and soca superstar Machel Montano, at Midnight Studios in Los Angeles. In addition, they finished a new remix with Steve Aoki titled "Back 2 U".

Deep down, Bad Royale's mission and marketing strategy is to introduce Caribbean music to the masses by utilizing their connections and roots in EDM. All of this has become even more accessible with the creation of the future dancehall collective Flex Up Crew. Now active members, Bad Royale is getting ready for a busy season with many new opportunities ahead. 

Click the image for tickets!

Click the image for tickets!

KingstonToLA recently caught up with Bad Royale and asked about their upcoming Flex Up LA show at Union nightclub on December 1st, along with Two Seven Clash and Ackee Juice Rockers.

"Playing near home is always a pleasure and part of the experience is getting to share with those close to you what you have experienced and brought back into the music scene. For us, playing with Flex Up LA and being part of the crew has changed our direction considerably. We find ourselves among the ranks of the evolving genres of the Caribbean as it compensates for all of the cultural pressures being mixed into it to create this hybrid of future dancehall, reggae and soca. As for the future of the genre and the movement as a whole, there are plenty of untapped talents just on the cusp of breaking through who we follow. System 32 from Trinidad is doing a really good job of melding organic sounds with Caribbean flair. We are also fans of Ultimate Rejects work, another group from Trinidad. Both groups are more on the soca side of production. As far as dancehall vibes go, 1st Klass and London Future are killing the game. We really hope to see more of their production break through. We also need to thank the many vocalists we have worked with such as Mark Hardy, Brukout, Voice, Flipo, Future Fambo, Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann, Jimmy October, Jay Nahge, Richie Loop andIAmStylezMusic. They were brave enough to break outside the boundaries of their genres and really experiment. They jumped on board and a lot of them don't get the credit they deserve. They are the voice behind a lot of what is moving forward and we hope that all of them continue to push and fight for their talent and sound because if you thought 2016 was out of control, we can assure you 2017 is going to bring some really weird sounds forward".

Indeed we are tuned into the movement and ready to see how future dancehall will continue to evolve. Visit for info on Bad Royale's upcoming LA show alongside Two Seven Clash, Ackee Juice Rockers and more.

Listen to a few of our Bad Royale favs here on KingstonToLA:

"Diplo & Friends":

"Look At My Dab":

Photos via @BadRoyale on Instagram.