There is such beauty in the strength and power of both the presentation and the content of Aza Lineage's music. A Jamaican songwriter and recording artiste who is making a name for herself with her ethereal voice and commitment to unity. Born Dana Bernard in Kingston Jamaica, Aza Lineage has defied all life's limitations by utilizing her creativity to inspire others. This inspiration has led to the creation of identifiable music that ebbs and flows from her own heart to the hearts of others.

Follow empress Aza Lineage on Instagram @AzaLineage

Follow empress Aza Lineage on Instagram @AzaLineage

Aza Lineage hails from the Lineage family, named after a play on the notion of "line through the ages," which was conceptualized as a musical movement by Kevin Morrison in 2006. He saw the spoken word as a movement powerful enough to unite a nation - as we are all from one lineage. The movement started with four members, each having a strong musical foundation; each member, at the time, were key selectors/DJs on a sound system called King Tafari. Due to the violence in the community of August Town, where all the band members were raised and played, they were ordered to stop the sound system parties. This forced them to get creative. So, these restrictions birthed the writing and recording of their own music. The community began hearing these songs and almost immediately the movement started to grow. 

The Lineage has faced and overcome many obstacles throughout the years, yet they keep forward movement, defying the odds and through this, and still attracting new members. The active musicians in The Lineage Family are Smilez Lineage, Nu Erra Beat Box, France Nooks and their newest member Aza Lineage.

"To I and I the word "Lineage" echoes RasTafari, royalty, divinity, beginning, root, discipline, truth, oneness, victory, balance, greatness ... together we go forward triumphantly." says Aza.

Get to know Aza Lineage: Here she is performing live at Vintage Corner, in Kingston Jamaica

We recently caught up with Aza to learn more about her musical process.

KingstonToLA: There's a very spiritual aspect to your music and mixtape. Your voice evokes this feeling as well. Can you tell us how you've channeled your experience and spiritual growth into making music? Feel free to describe your journey.

Aza Lineage: Channeling my experiences and spiritual growth into making music is a balance, sometimes rough, sometimes effortless. It is my life experiences that are propelling the lyrics. I artistically put those experiences in the form of a song, usually with a nice melody, which makes it relatable. Thus far, my musical journey has been balanced and it has been very educational and spiritual. I'm learning and growing, and at the same time, sharing and inspiring others to grow positively.

KNG2LA: What are some important messages you want people to hear in your music?

Aza Lineage: The messages I transmit through my music are that of inner love, inner hope, inner strength, insight, self-awareness and also the importance of unity and balance.

KNG2LA: Do you perform weekly in Kingston?

Aza Lineage: Sometimes I do perform weekly. (Aza Lineage has been known to perform at Vinyl Thursdays in Vineyard Town and DUB School in Kingston).

Pree more positive vibrations from Aza Lineage:

KNG2LA: What is it like being a new artist in Jamaica?

Aza Lineage: As a new artist it's challenging. Yet I welcome it, as it brings room for learning and growing. Also, as a new artist, I overstand that there are stages to everything, creep, walk, run, fly ... I therefore accept and grow from each stage.

KNG2LA: Who have you had the pleasure of working with?

Aza Lineage: So far I've worked with various producers, local and overseas, namely: Paolo Baldini(DubFiles), Natty Megs(MoreLifeProduction Prod.), Full Force Click, Billion Voice Records, Kaya&Bang, Jake Savona. Also, I've teamed up with Jah Ova Evil Records and recently completed my debut Mixtape/E.P titled "King Of Kings," available now for free download on Audiomack and free listen on Soundcloud, which features some of the producers mentioned above.

KNG2LA: What are your hopes for 2017?

Aza Lineage: My hopes for 2017 and beyond is to continue carrying on the mission with my purest intentions, mainly inspiring the minds of the youths positively.

Aza continues to inspire, with her positive message and her ability to stand tall in the struggle. As you listen to her music, you realize that it's not just her easygoing vibes and sweet sound that reach people, its her love alone.  

Listen to "King of Kings" here on KingstonToLA:

Featured image artwork by Jahnyiku Nunes.