It's a special Dancehall Fridays, as the music world was shook up a bit thanks to our favorite dancehall firecracker, Alkaline.  His most recent single, "Microwave" called out a few popular artists. Namely, Popcaan and his Canadian brother Drake: "Man we shoot up the car weh yo man buy give yo / mek yo affi left that abandon / yo get 30 million worth of ride and a range and a pack of tampon." 

Needless to say, Champagne Papi didn't take lightly to these lyrical swords. Drake tweeted out: "I know a battery named Alkaline not a person #unruly" Where does the beef go from here? Only time will tell, but rest assured, this is not the end of the diss tracks coming from either side of this new music battle. 

Featured image courtesy of Instagram.