It's been close to two months since we've heard any new music from, Alkaline. Well, the wait is over, he came back fighting in his new anthem, "Juggernaut." Declaring his superhuman strength is owed to all his haters. Noting the pain and heartbreak he faced and witnessed throughout his life has made him the man he is today.

"All di pain, all di fight, all di hate, all di lies, turn me inna smaddy weh me love," he toasts. Later following it up with, "all a mi life experiences, tings weh me go tru fi real, build me up as a thug." 

Alkaline teamed up with producer Johnny Wonder and Adde Instrumentals for what we think will be one of 2018's top dancehall tunes. Watch the lyrical video made by the "Artsy fella" from Move With Time for, "Juggernaut," below on KingstonToLA.com.

*Featured photo from @addeprod via Instagram.