Just announced the Unruly Boss, Popcaan, will release his sophomore album titled, Forever, come summer 2018. Popcaan announced the news in an Instagram caption yesterday which was later followed up with a late night release of, "Body So Good," the first single off the album.

The song was produced by Dre Skull of Mixpak Records who also produced Popcaan's first album, Where We Come From in 2014. Listen to, "Body So Good," here on Kingston To LA. 

 General Sour Sap x Gunz CC:  @popcaanmusic  x  @dylanaduffus . On location in Jamaica via  @theintent2

General Sour Sap x Gunz CC: @popcaanmusic x @dylanaduffus. On location in Jamaica via @theintent2

Not only are we anticipating the dancehall star's new album, Forever, Popcaan will also be showcasing his acting chops in the Netflix movie, The Intent 2: The Come Up, a sequel premiering this summer. Popcaan plays a crime boss called, Sour Sap, who rules the underworld in Kingston, JA. Without much prior acting experience, Popcaan, impressed the directors of the film, Femi Oyeniran and Nicky Walker saying:

“You would never think that he has never done acting before,” Walker said. “His ability is amazing on screen the way he performs, the level he performs like he has done 10 movies. He takes the take and he remembers his lines exactly the same on every take, he is amazing.”

Popcaan will also be heard on the soundtrack of the film. Much to look forward to from the artist including a summertime tour in Europe, Canada and the Caribbean. 

*Featured photograph from @dreskull via Instagram.