If theres one thing in this life that really truly matters, it's family. Family is a support system, a circle of relatives and friends who you can trust and you know will always have your back. They are the one's that cheer you on and motivate you and never let you give up. A family wants to see you win.

Dancehall artist Popcaan, a big believer in family, has released new music video for single aptly titled, "Family." It's a tune that helps express his loyalty to others that are loyal to him. Watch the RD Studios directed music video showcasing a day in the life of the dancehall singer below. And always remember to tell the ones closest to you, how much you appreciate and love them. Life is too short, so keep your family close. 

Pocaan is making moves in 2018 with his third single of the year, "Inviolable." A tune reminding the haters that he can never be broken, infringed on or dishonored. The single was produced by Buju Banton's son, Markus Myrie

Another new single released from Popcaan is perfect for the day of love and for a long night of love making, "My Type," was released on Valentines Day. The explicit tune was produced Jelly Records with the help of Unruly Entertainment productions.

*Featured photograph from @popcaanmusic via Instagram.