This week I, Amanda Holmgren, am doing a special feature on my Kingston To LA business partner and bestie, Kalifa Madden. She is actually away discovering more earth, culture and herself in Ethiopia, Africa. So, I thought it was the perfect time to finally feature her mixtape, Evolve 2 "Roots Reggae Rastafari." She wouldn't be too happy with me if she knew this article was being written (and that it's late), but I think she's just humble (and hardworking). 

 Follow:  @kalilovem  on Instagram. Hoodie by:  @_selector  Photograph by: me  @redgreenandblonde

Follow: @kalilovem on Instagram. Hoodie by: @_selector Photograph by: me @redgreenandblonde

Many call her Kali for short, I am not one, was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She lived there until the age of 16. Her family's name is ironically popular on the island due to it's association with, Madden's Funeral Home. It was there in Jamaica where she developed her strong will to live and the love for her little island. Kalifa has perseverance, who isn't afraid to ask questions, or keep loving, learning and moving forward. Over the 10 plus years of our friendship, I have witnessed this evolution and can only foresee her progression to the top.

 Photo by  @djdaneekah

Photo by @djdaneekah

This article needed to be written, I think, because she too is deserving of the publication and the marketing love that she wholeheartedly puts forth for other talented artists she writes about on, Kingston To LA.

Kalifa has recently developed a new hobby as a selectress. It had been a life long dream of hers to be a DJ. That now reigns true with her new mixtape, Evolve 2 "Roots Reggae Rastafari." Second in the series of her evolution into the craft, DJ Kali Madden, comes off as a natural. Jamaica is in her blood and her knowledge, discovery and love for the music is truly felt. She finds new local Jamaican and underground artists who are on the forefront of new dub, world beats and roots music. Beginning the mix with Nadia Hariss McAnuff's, "Home Away From Home," Reemah's, "Live In Love," Exile Di Brave with, "Learn and Teach," Aza Lineage and Smilez Lineage with a Kali Madden original, "Smoke Weed Today," to Fari Di Future's hymn, "Shashamane Living." Evolve 2 takes listeners on a journey as Kalifa tells her story through these songs. Evolve 2 will elevate your mind and guide you into livity. 

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*Featured photograph by Clara Chavez.