New week, new music. These songs are the perfect accompaniment to your poolside desert adventure. Full festival vibes for all the music explorers out there.

First up, we have a new song from Frank Ocean, featuring Hov and Tyler the Creator. "Biking" is a song about freedom - feeling free even when responsibilities and life mount. Be free despite it all - a nice message from these kings of pop.

Lil Yacthy is having too much fun. He and KYLE released the video for their hit song "I Spy." Again, it's as fun as the song. Pree below:

Collie Buddz is back. It's been  a while, but while he was gone he was in the kitchen, cooking. His new track, "Good Life" is a nice vibey re-introduction. Listen down:

Speaking of Coachella, here is someone you shouldn't miss playing on Friday, SOHN. The festival is filled with so many highlights, yet you wanna start your weekend off right, right? So, listen to your friends at KNG2LA, and pree SOHN's set.