Follow  @yaadcore  and  @buzzrockreggae  on Instagram.

Follow @yaadcore and @buzzrockreggae on Instagram.

Rootical mixtape, 6 Million Ways To Dub, was manifested, envisioned and realized in the true style of foundation music. Presented by Jamaica's own, Yaadcore, the mixtape features Trinidad's solo reggae artist, BuzzRock, with thirteen of his original tracks, three cover songs and one remix. It's perfect listening for a mellow mood.


Yaadcore, the cultured selector behind the controls, showcases some dub techniques of his own as well as his love for roots reggae. As a long time supporter of musical prodigy, BuzzRock, the two joined forces and emerged with the sounds as timeless as the originators of the style. 6 Million Ways To Dub, helps fulfill BuzzRock's greatest dreams. This is to bring music back to it's origins of healing frequencies and higher purpose. Buzz meaning the vibration and Rock is for the earth, thus creating the musical vibrations of the earth. 

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*Featured photograph of BuzzRock by Raya Media via Instagram.