"HATERS ARE NOT MY MOTIVATORS" #teamunstoppable - Charly "Trelawny" Black,

"HATERS ARE NOT MY MOTIVATORS" #teamunstoppable - Charly "Trelawny" Black,

It's great to have a passion in life. Passions are what make people spark and light up. It's something they care about and want to purse with all of themselves. It takes a strong person to push and strive for that daily, but many succeed if they continue to do what they love.

A prime example of passion is from Amanda, who loves to dancehall dance. The unstoppable 8 yr old Jamaican-American is based on the East Coast and has already trained with some of the top dancehall dancers, recently becoming a member of their internationally known, DANCA Family.

Earlier this week, the Lil' DANCA was stoked when she meet one of her favorite dancehall artists, Charly Black. Who himself has fully pursued his passions and by doing so, Black, now has the ability to bring his talent to more corners of the earth as he just announced a record deal with Universal Music Group. Keep pushing! #TEAMUNSTOPPABLE 

*Featured photograph courtesy of @charlytrelawnyblack and Instagram.