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Around the holidays many reminisce about the good 'ol days and the fond memories of family, where one grew up and the sound track of that moment in time. That's why we are taking it up the 101 to the Bay Area to the originators of the hyphy movement with the help of 106KMEL's, Master of the Mix, DJ Rick Lee's new, "Zion I Street Legends 2," mixtape.

The mixtape, presented by Go Der Magazine, fuses together music from one of The Bay's dopest o.g. underground concious hip-hop artist, Zion I, who is fresh off the Broken Crowns tour with Matisyahu and the Common KIngs. His music pays homage to the Oakland lifestyle and features the late greats Mac Dre and The Jacka while also featuring some of the sickest underground hip-hop artists from the area like Eligh, Too Short, and The Grouch. Fan favorites, "The Bay" which describes the plight of the area and track, "Silly Puddy," are definitely found on the mix.

Have your listen and get hyphy with us here on Kingston To LA.

*Featured photo from @106KMEL and Instagram.