This year at KNG2LA we thought we'd let you in on what we are listening too more often, making our recommendations of what you should be checking for musically.  So, here is our inaugural edition of The Listen Down.

So far in 2017, it's Donald Glover's (Childish Gambino) world, we are just watching him create. Glover took home two Golden Globes for his show Atlanta, which is one of's KNG2LA favorite new shows. Just before the end of 2016, he released "Awaken My Love!," a step away from Gambino's brand of hip-hop, to a more Prince-funk laden adventure. A current day tribute to the funkmasters of yesteryear, with a side of psychedelic electronic jam. Take our word for it and listen.   

Sohn's brand of music comes is a different iteration than Gambino's yet does not lack in the soul department. Rennen is a dichotomy of vibes throughout; moving from somber sounds and vocals to joyous resonance in an instant, the sounds encapsulate Sohn's album title when translated, Running. Check on of our favorites from the album, "Hard Liquor."   

Next up, we can't get enough of Akae Beka's "Dem a Wariah." It seems fitting of the times to look to the most high and at the same time fight the good fight for humanity. At least, that's how KNG2LA is feeling and I am sure you would agree.

The Jamaican dancehall artist Masicka and his new single "Top Striker" round out our island portion of our Listen Down. Masicka's single comes with all the bravado and vibes one needs to feel confident to take on the day, or the inauguration. 

So, we have to end on a fun note. Migos continues to heat up the winter months with their brand of southern hip-hop, raw Atlanta vibes. Even though this song was released last year, it still rings true in 2017. We love our women "Bad and Boujee."  

Cover photo courtesy of waldschuetz and SOHN