It's been quite a week for Unruly Gang leader, Popcaan. His hip-hop buddy Drake, aka Champagne Papi, dropped his new album, Views, and many of Popcaan's fans were anxiously awaiting his verse on Controlla. These same fans were taken by surprise when a different version of the song ended up on the album. The track still embraced the original dancehall style but only used a sample of Beenie Man's song, Tear Off Mi Garment. This disappointed Popcann's dedicated fans and took most of the dancehall scene by surprise. However, Beenie Man was elated to be featured on Views telling Billboard it meant a lot to him.

"It’s a big deal. For somebody to take a song that I’ve been done for 15 years, to release and put it out—it’s a big deal. It’s always great. For him to idolize me like that, it’s a big deal," said Beenie Man.

Following Popcaan's omission from Views, the dancehall artist was arrested after an altercation with a police officer at a performance in the Caribbean territory of Antigua and Barbuda. Standing up for his people, Popcaan intervened when a fan was being reprimanded by the officer for jumping on stage, which resulted in a little push and shove between Popcaan and the police.

Watch the scuffle below:

Many fans and dancehall artists came to Popcaan's defense, sighting the incident as a misunderstanding. Popcaan believed the cop was using too much force on one of his fans and was trying to have him ease up on the aggression. The officer maintains he was following protocol to protect the artist and to ensure the security of other patrons at the show. Regardless, Popcaan appeared in front of a judge on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to all charges. He was ordered to pay fines and is happy to be home and back on his grind.

Popcaan in his mothers embrace after arriving home from Antigua. 

Popcaan in his mothers embrace after arriving home from Antigua. 

As his tumultuous week comes to an end, he reminds his fans that he is a fighter with the release of his new single aptly titled, Warrior. Have a listen here on KingstonToLA.

*Images courtesy of @popcaanmusic