Son Little, born Aaron Livingston, personifies his journey in his music. That really is the best way to describe it. He started this journey with the Roots and RJD2, creating music that garnered attention. In particular, the RJD2 project, Abandoned Lullaby, was a hit with many music fans and music writers alike.

Born in Los Angeles, now residing on the East Coast, his current sound sweeps the American landscape much the same. Blues dominate at times, but pieces of electro-synth, Wu-tang drums and reggae lovers rock show up as well. He is very much American in his sound. Neo-Americana he personifies. Most recently, he released his self-titled full length album Son Little in mid-October, a follow up to his popular EP Things I Forgot that featured this underground hit: 

Now, he has finished up opening for Leon Bridges and is currently playing in Austin before moving on to Europe. Fortunately, he will be here in Los Angeles on Wednesday May 25th at the Echo. So, check out this ever evolving musician as he comes home to settle some debts. That's Neo-Americana-Bluesman lingo.

Also, check out the new video for Toes, a new single off his debut LP Son Little