School nights suck. Fact. However, here in Los Angeles they have taken on a new meaning. Chris Douridas, of LA's KCRW fame, is a music tastemaker the city trusts. He has taken this trust and built a school night to look forward to every Monday night.

On Monday's at Bardot in Hollywood, Chris Douridas and Matt Goldman put on a showcase of some of the best up and coming indie artists, called It's a School Night. The point is, you go there and support some of your favorite indie bands, before they become too popular; or even discover your new favorite indie band, before they become too popular. Either way, you're guaranteed to feel satisfied and no longer weary of the typical School Night.

If you missed this week's performers, there is always next week:

Check out recent school nighter Dru Chen performing live at Bardot in LA:

Featured image of Hozier via Instagram