One of Los Angeles' hottest dancehall dj's DJ Crooks, recently teamed up with Kingston's dancehall dancing aficionado CrazyHype, and the talented German born pop star and reggae singer Oceana, to produce the newest tropical-bass driven dance track titled MVP. The song's inspiration comes from CrazyHype's sick dance move of the same name. The move, as stated in the song, "is easy like ABC." You touch your ankle and your knee, while moving your body to the beat. The catchy upbeat song has a rhythm you can't deny, coupled with a dance step that is rapidly turning into a craze. 

Have your listen to MVP on KingstonToLA.

Want to learn how to MVP? It's easy. Just watch the video below, where CrazyHype teaches his step to dancehall students in Taiwan. Catch CrazyHype in a city near you during his MVPStep Spring Tour.     

The MVP dance step is taking over the streets of Jamaica. 

Fun Fact: CrazyHype and Oceana are each others real life MVP's. 

Here they are on a beautiful beach in Jamaica surrounded by their beautiful family.

KingstonToLA is also looking forward to Oceana and CrazyHype's next single, Brace. The song and video will debut soon. Below is a picture from the video shoot, where CrazyHype and Oceana are on location in Downtown Los Angeles. The talented couple is seen here posing with Brace director, @hamzazworld.

Brace yourselves for whats next from this power couple. Up! Up! Up!  

*Images courtesy of Istagram