Trend setter, slang curator and dance move maker Chi Ching Ching embodies the spirit of the island. You can't go a day in Jamaica without hearing Chi Ching Ching on the radio or television, using one of his quirky/catchy sayings in an advertisement or in your favorite dancehall song. 

Born Radion Tashaman Beckford on September 19th, 1982 in St Mary, Jamaica, he fell in love with dance and his island's music. He found solace in the music at a young age, and grew up listening to 90s dancehall classics courtesy of Beenie Man and Bounty Killa. When dancehall parties (sessions) started becoming more popular in the early 2000s, Ching would arrive in style and roll out his own red carpet. This created the perfect opportunity for Ching, as a place where he could display and perfect his dance techniques. Soon he became his own spectacle, creating a reputation for himself, as he became someone to talk about and check for during Jamaica's famous dancehall parties.   

Now, his focus is being the comical and witty character of the play; Ching is on a mission to make the world a happier place. The artist seems to create his own revolution. His catchy phrases turn into songs, which then turn into dance moves, that then turn into the next big dance craze. Last year, he signed with Popcaan's label, Unruly Entertainment. Ching has established himself as an artist to pay attention to, with many artists following in his footsteps. Some of Ching's top songs over the past year include: KickoutGet There (showcasing the dance move of the same name created by dancer Gabbidon) and the song Tom Cruise, performed with dancehall artist Don Andre. Ching's most recent track, Roast or Fry (Breadfruit) featuring Escobar, was produced by Jamie Roberts and has taken the island by storm. It asks the island how they enjoy the food staple; well we like it perfectly paired with a dance of course. 

Chi Ching Ching is also responsible for coining the popular phrase "Way up." Which is a great way to invite everyone to come "Stay Up" with KingstonToLA and LA Reggae Unified, as we roll out our own red carpet for a night of dancehall, soca, hip-hop and afro beats. As we present the Grand Opening of Way Up Sundays on April 3rd., soon to be Hollywood's hottest Sunday night dancehall party.

Well, next up for Ching is new song Crinck Neck, featuring Sean Paul. The video was shot earlier this month and will be out soon!  We'll keep you updated. 

For now you can watch the video for Roast or Fry (Breadfruit) below. How do you take your breadfruit?