Jordanne Patrice is one artist keeping up with the traditional Dancehall and RnB sound. What grabs you, is how she uses the sweet Pop tone of her voice, on the colourful Dancehall tracks provided for her. She seems to have a great ear for music, which allows her songs, whether club bangers or ballads, to have amazing range. A clear indication of her life long obsession with Mariah Carey. 

Follow Jordanne  @jordannepatrice  on Instagram

Follow Jordanne @jordannepatrice on Instagram

This talent shines through on her recent cut Collide, featuring Reggae and Dancehall legend Beenie Man. On Collide, Jordanne delivers her melodies with intent and shows off her sweet sound. The song is produced by RazzAttack Musik (Razz formerly of Razz and Biggy's label) and Willy Chin of Black Chiney.

Jordanne with LA-based Jamaican Safaree Samuels

Jordanne with LA-based Jamaican Safaree Samuels

In 2016, every beautiful girl you meet in Jamaica wants to be a singer. Most of these "artists" are looking out for themselves, instead of coming together to support one another. This "crab in a barrel" mentality is what Jordanne says she would like to see change in the Jamaican music industry. 

Birdie Promotions  @birdieminame

Birdie Promotions @birdieminame


"Can you imagine if we got our acts together? We would certainly be a force to be reckoned with; we need unity..." she says.

Motivated by the success of "Collide," Jordanne Patrice has no intention of slowing down or dreaming small. 

"My dream collab would be with Drake," she says. With her voice and "can't stop wont stop" attitude, she just might get there. 

Featured image credit: Merrick Cousley @mcousley

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