Simon Alexander Mitchell also known as reggae artist “Vision” knows how to rep Jamaica all around the globe. The video for his latest single “We Jammin” directed by Arturo Lorde / Dubloise is an ode to the aesthetic beauty the island has to offer, though he keeps it well balanced also bringing awareness to the gritty financial struggle many Jamaicans face on a daily basis. “Vision” actually grew up singing in the church choir in Jamaica where he discovered his talent for music. What developed is a refreshing new sound that can be categorized as “Roots Reggae Pop.”

THE Yaadie Connection
This video could pull some heartstrings with its exclusive panoramic views of Yard. The elements of Jamaica are definitely not underrated. It has the beach, beautiful women, the street dance and a vibrant city life in Kingston. The video encapsulates all that with a big tune for the upcoming party season.

“We Jammin” is available now on iTunes.