French DJ and music producer Tristan Casara, re-named “The Avener”, is embarking on a notable creative journey. Casara recently made urban funk history as the latest French producer to make it to the top of the charts in Germany. His easy-going “mechanical chill” sound has catapulted him to the forefront of 2015’s electro music line up. With the recent success of “Fade Out Lines” Casara opted to explore a solo career by re-embracing his love of classical music, piano and jazz.

After realizing his potential to make eclectic, multi-layered music, he spent three intense months working hard in the studio. He was able to craft the perfect blend of acoustic and electro combined with “songwriting science and the intuition of a dance-floor specialist.” (according to his official site)

The result is a new rhythm and blues sound manifested as his first upcoming album “The Wanderings of the Avener” set for release on January 19, 2015.

Check out the video for The Avener’s first single “Fade Out Lines” here: