Kendrick Lamar recently came out with the official video for his song “i.” It’s the first single from the rapper’s upcoming third studio album. The song is a new-school anthem of self-love with its catchy “I love myself” chorus.

What makes this song stand out is its atypical message, when compared to the more recent singles from some of Hip Hop’s heavy hitters. The vibe and positive message seem to be a step away from the harsher “reality based” Hip Hop we’ve seen paint the Hip Hop canvas of late. Yet, some critics, according to the rapper’s YouTube channel, feel like Lamar is “too lazy to write (more intricate) verses.”

Our opinion of the video is that Lamar is showcasing his “happy side.” That may be off-putting to some who would rather hear him talk about bitches killing the vibe, but the emotional backdrop of the song may spark an evolution with mainstream Hip Hop artists expressing some much-needed optimism for a change.

See the video here and let us know what you think!