When people think of Jamaica and its music, they usually think Reggae and Dancehall. Yet, we are seeing fresh new artists emerge from the island who defy the confines of these genres. Artists that enlist numerous influences, and represent an updated take on the Jamaican experience. One such artist, Kat C.H.R., is becoming a staple of this new music scene in Kingston, Jamaica. Her vocal embellishments have their own distinct sound as she combines it with her melodic guitar, for what will make finding Kat’s songs add extra credit to your music resume.

Kat C.H.R. released her second solo EP “GOLD” earlier this year, with the title aptly representing the treasure of her mystical voice.

Signed to US based independent record label ThinkLikeAGirL Music Inc., we are looking forward to future music collaborations from this artist and label alike. “GOLD” is now available on itunes and check Kat out on Soundcloud for more heart bangers.

See the lyrical video presentation for “GOLD” here: