Today it dawned on me that even though I’ve blogged quite a bit, I’ve never personally talked about Beyoncé. My favorite. I’ve been a fan of hers since the “Say My Name” and “Survivor” daze. Just to be different, I always tried to like Kelly more than B but I never really could.

A couple of years ago, I accepted her awesomeness and my own undying love for her, when I watched the “Single Ladies” video for the first time. I was so blown away I called out of work. How could I go to work, when I should have been a dancer like that? Not really but I wanted to. Just like most of my friends, when I watch her perform I get goosebumps. What is the saying about birds flocking together? Literally all of my friends, girls and boys, find B fascinating.

Her dancing is what I will never get over. She is so dedicated to blowing us away, with every album, every performance and every dance number and I love her for that.  Regarding the Grammys, I really think Beck’s cool too, but B is one hard working, genre-defying superwoman.

So speaking of B, “Fifty Shades of Grey” the movie finally came out and while the reviews haven’t been too great, I definitely can’t say the same for the soundtrack.

Check out the video for “Haunted” here, because the song is just too sexy: