A$AP ROCKY is a distinguished all round artist type. Not just for his friends in all the right places, most recently his photogenic link up with music royalty Zoë Kravitz, but there’s something about his panache that just so, New York.

Last week A$AP’s reputation became even more ostentatious, when it was reported that he lost 100,000 followers on Instagram. A$AP’s new creative team at AWGE, and artist Robert Gallardo in particular, put out multiple Instragram pics, that when viewed together, created a game changer in the business of creative album releases. On the flip side, some fans didn’t appreciate the constant updates, missing the artistic endeavor as a whole, which when viewed separately can be seen as pretty, well, annoying.

Despite the unavoidable tactic of timeline flooding, we’re impressed. Utilizing Instagram’s visual grid, A$AP and his team did some really impressive work. Couple that with the release across multiple channels, and we were pretty excited for more out of the box ideas that celebrate ART + music.

As for A$AP’s new album “At. Long. Last. ASAP.” It’s New York. Much like GZA’s Liquid Swords and Mobb Deep’s The Infamous were New York. It’s gritty. Slow. Seething with what those albums had in spades. New York. That’s the best way to describe it, and experience it. So, put on your triple fat goose, Timbs and Yankee cap. This album will have you longing for train rides through the five boroughs. Also, look out for A$AP as he makes his big-screen debut alongside Blake Anderson, Forest Whitaker, Keith Stanfield, Zoë Kravitz and more in Dope, out June 19.

Pree the video for “L$D (LOVE x $EX x DREAMS), directed By Dexter Navy and co-directed by A$AP himself:

Images courtesy of Instagram @TANCAMERA and A$AP ROCKY