Born in Brooklyn and raised on the outskirts of Philadelphia, singer-songwriter Lisa Bennett has accumulated an eclectic mix of music influences throughout her journey. Bennett, who resides in Belgium and performs worldwide, released her last EP “Blowing Down Trees” in 2013. Although the album is an obvious fusion of several music genres, her single “Apple Tree,” produced by Mungo’s Hifi on the Belly Ska Riddim, fondly takes us back to our reggae roots.

As a precursor to the world’s introduction to reggae, ska paved the way for the popular genre and became the lesser known sound of the two. Recently, artists like Bennett are bringing it back to the mainstream, and they deserve a thanks. Ska is the easiest transition from reggae to dancehall, so if you’re looking for a little hype and some positive energy feel free to indulge. Stay tuned for more of Bennett’s upcoming music.

See the “Apple Tree” video here: