The bond between siblings is one of the strongest connections two human beings can have; cut from the same cloth, sharing many things, this can construct a certain shared passion. For Elliot and Natalie Bergman, their shared bond comes across in their music. Born to musician parents, this brother and sister spawned their own sound with their band Wild Belle.

 No rivalry here.

No rivalry here.

Elliot, the eldest of the two, studied several instruments at The University of Michigan where he created his own afro-punk band Nomo. Younger sister Natalie, started singing backup with Nomo and was the band’s tambourine player at only 16 year of age. Natalie’s talent, hard work and innovation did not get overlooked by her big brother, and the two Bergman’s decided to branch out to create their own sound. Their parents must be proud!

Originally from Chi-town, Wild Belle burst onto the scene after appearing on Conan in 2012. In 2013, after being signed to Columbia Records, they released their debut album Isles. The self-financed album encompasses many genres, including their original afro-punk sound and a little bit of Indie Reggae.

The duo has established a new sound with their engaging reggae pop-electronic melodies. Most recently, the Bergman’s DJ’ed at the Lollapallooza after party in Chicago and were featured on Major Lazer’s wildly successful Peace is The Misson; with the lyrical single Be Together. Their soothing electronic sound goes hand in hand with the Lazer creating an new type of music, perfect for islanders that want to transcend the traditional rub a dub jams.

Check out their video “Keep You,” in which Natalie can be seen drinking Ginger Beer and cooking Johnny Cakes for her young Jamaican companion. The video is as trippy and entertaining as their signature Wild Belle sound. Natalie is left wondering why, even with a pretty face and a nice dress, love still escapes her. It’s the beginning of Indie Reggae, and we are loving the VIBEZ!

All images courtesy of Wild Belle’s Facebook page.