From @glassanimals on Instagram

From @glassanimals on Instagram

I can’t remember where I first heard Glass Animals. Wherever I was, it was one of those “what’s that?” moments. I couldn’t really fit the sound into a genre. Some music is so good because it’s uncategorizable. For me, “Gooey” is one of those songs. It’s the sexy type that will have you moving slow and deliberate.

Glass Animals is an independent rock band from Oxford, known for their “psychedelic pop” sound. Their first album Zaba was released in June 2014. With songs like Pool, Hazey and Gooey, the album sets itself apart in a genre that has become overwhelmingly expansive at times. Still, it’s a groove thing. Zaba has a flow perfect for a turned up art show in Santa Cruz, for movements of the hips in between wine sips, or romantic nights camping in the Redwoods. Yeah, that good.

The video for Gooey is just as noteworthy, full of desire and passion. The content aligns perfectly with the title for some cringeworthy moments. Even though the video could be simply labeled as “gross,” it’s also up to your own artistic interpretation.

Catch Glass Animals live at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on September 24.

If you haven’t heard the song, you’re welcome: