Today we had the pleasure of experiencing a one of a kind lunch break on the iconic Paramount Studios Backlot. The one hour event was a rock and roll showcase headlined by Roc Nation’s newly signed rock band Dorothy. It was Kingston to Hollywood, as we arrived on Stage Three to witness exactly why Rolling Stone magazine named them one of ten new artists to watch in 2015. As the band opened we thought “holy shit, we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Dorothy is a headbanging-worthy team of young Angelenos comprising of lead singer Dorothy Martin, bass player Gregg Cash, drummer Zac Morris and guitarist Mark Jackson. The band is keeping classic rock alive with sick riffs and sultry powerhouse vocals. We’d like to say it’s the hypothetical manifestation of Etta James meets Led Zepplin. Backed by a heavy guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and psychadelic funk, they’re not only fun to watch but their music literally feeds that universal love of ripe, ear-catching goodness. Bere vibes!

The showcase, hosted by Randy Spendlove, was the perfect opportunity to hear the group perform LIVE. The performance was quick and satisfying with five of their most popular songs. At one point during their set, Martin made note of the heat in the building, after which Morris took his shirt off. It only got hotter from there since Morris is literally on fire with his distinguished rockstar talent.

Our favorite reason to love this band is their recent quote in Rolling Stone, “Basically, we want to make songs that we think Beavis and Butt-head would like,” said Martin. With Martin’s gifted voice backed by such genuine old-school talent, we can just hear the popular animated duo now. “We’re gonna score!” Score indeed. The band will embark on a summer tour alongside singer Miguel, with tickets already on sale. Their EP Dorothy, which we’re assuming is named after Martin’s impressive voice, is currently available for download on iTunes.

Check out the video for the band’s hit single “Wicked Ones” here on KingstontoLA: