Kelissa McDonald, a native Jamaican raised in the hills of St. Andrew, is a songstress like many of her island before. Being born of parents who were lead singers of the reggae band ‘Chakula,’ music chose her. At an early age this would bear fruit, as she was featured on a children’s record her mother produced called “Goldilocks”.

Kelissa then journeyed to the US as an undergraduate scholarship winner where she attended Whittier College in Los Angeles. While in school, Kelissa designed her own curriculum, which focused on her voice, music. After numerous achievements throughout college, all the while still performing, she was given the opportunity to showcase her talent at the Grammy Museum in L.A. Kelissa, acknowledged for her perfect pitch and powerful voice, was also invited to perform at the House of Blues in Hollywood. Next she was asked to perform in the ‘Sea 2 Sea Conference’ at Sarah Lawrence College, in New York.

Her voice brought her next to Africa, where she attended the University of Ghana and had hands on instruction in traditional drumming, xylophone and dance. To say the least, Kelissa is a well taught musician who’s techniques and experience show in her worldly music.

 From Kelissa’s recent shoot with Jamaican photographer William Richards @will_I_amR

From Kelissa’s recent shoot with Jamaican photographer William Richards @will_I_amR

Where is she now? Putting those crystal clear powerhouse vocals to use in Jamaica. She also recently released her newest single on July 5th titled ‘Best Kept Secret.’ Music is still her voice, jamming out with many eclectic musicians of the island, and recently blessing those in attendance at Jamaica’s Sumfest. Stay diligent, as she continues to bless her fans with new, innovative sounds.

Images courtesy of Kelissa’s Instagram @kelissamusic

4th Photo credit : William Richards photography @will_i_amR.