Alborosie est. 1977. Photo courtesy of Alborosie’s Instagram

Alborosie est. 1977. Photo courtesy of Alborosie’s Instagram

Alberto D’Ascola was born with an authentic Rasta heart in Marsala Sicily, July 4th, 1977. As a child, he marched to the beat of his own drum, teaching himself to play the drums, guitar, bass and keyboard. In the early ’90s, the reggae scene was on the rise in Sicily and D’Ascola was at the ripe age to soak it all in.

At 15, his talent and love for reggae music made it possible for him to be lead-singer of, “Reggae National Tickets,” a European based reggae band he founded in 1992. The band gained a solid following and played to many sold out arenas. The Tickets were the first band from Sicily to play at Jamaica’s well-known Sunsplash and Sumfest stage shows. D’Ascola, known then to his fans as Stena, lived and played in Europe until he decided he wanted to branch out.

Since the Ticket’s first visit, D’Ascola visited the island twice a year before officially moving to Jamaica in 2000. While residing there, his new persona Alborosie was born. His new name, formed by the merging of the first two letters of his first name “Al,” along with his Jamaican nickname, “borosie,” came about as he was on a spiritual journey to find himself. Not knowing a lick of English, Alborosie moved to the Jamaican countryside where he learned to speak Patois. He was dedicated to become one with his new culture. Jamaica became his university.

As is the case with many other reggae artists, Alborosie was inspired by spiritual and political revolutionary Bob Marley. What captured his interest is the distinct message reggae music has in it’s fiber. A music made by the people for the people. A soundtrack of liberation against the machine. It’s a music of knowledge and revolution. It speaks not just for Jamaicans, but for everyone on the planet. He didn’t get into the music industry for fame. Instead, Alborosie utilized his music as a mission to spread the knowledge of pure love, freedom, and positive vibrations. The message of universal love.

Alborosie is a singer, producer, engineer, and DJ with dreadlocks as his crown. His music style can be described as vintage roots reggae, with a rub-a-dub, rock steady old-school/new-school vibe. He’s worked with many Jamaican and international artists, in a wide array of genres. Artists such as, Beenie Man, Junior Reid, Sizzla, Gentleman, King Jammy, No Doubt, Jewel, and Ky-Mani Marley just to list a few. His studio, Shengen Studios, is nestled in the hills of Kingston and stocked with original equipment formerly used by dub master King Tubby. It is where he creates reggae and dub music in the truest form.

In 2008, Alborosie produced his debut album, “Soul Pirate,” with much praise. It consisted of powerful singles such as “Kingston Town,” “Rastafari Anthem,” and the club hit “Herbalist.” Since his debut, Alborosie, Albo or Puppa Albo to some, has kept the hits coming. In 2009 he released “Escape Babylon” followed by “Sound the System,” in 2011. In 2013, he released “2 Times Revolution,” to even more critical acclaim. Alborosie is the first white reggae artist to be distributed by Tuff Gong Records and in 2011 he won the MOBO, “Music of Black Origin” award for the best Reggae Act. His newest album out now, “Dub of Thrones,” was released in April of this year.

Alborosie is currently on tour and working on a new album! He’s also scheduled as a headlining act on July 26th, for the 6th annual Reggae on the Mountain stage show held in Los Angeles.  We’ll be seeing him there, will you? Tickets are still available, get them here!

Pree Alborosie’s latest music video “Poser” here:

Featured image courtesy of Alborosie’s Facebook