There’s no doubting that EDM is one of the fastest, most “in the now” music genres. Yet, it seems like the genre has only been around for past decade, right? It’s new, and I discovered it 4 years ago. Wrong. EDM has been around since the 80s as the Disco era began to fade. People wanted their dance music (who doesn’t), but wouldn’t be caught dead dancing to disco. This pushed the inspiration of the then DJs to begin using the B sides of records or the accapella’s to create the dance worthy beats we so love. The revamped disco era was born. Disco is EDM’s forefather and the soil it was born in.

Most EDM lovers are under the impression that EDM started in the UK, yet others believe its beginnings were here stateside in the US underground scene. Will we ever know the truth? Probably not; but David Guetta’s viewpoint is a bit intriguing, “this is what happened…it was born in the U.S., but the U.K. made it trendy … it became a massive movement in Europe, but never in the U.S., which is crazy. I think America is always creating the new movement and then the U.K. has this genius of taking this concept and making it accessible to the masses.” Whatever you believe, David Guetta‘s explanation seems pretty acceptable. Especially for those who feel it is important to be original. USA! USA! Just kidding our UK bretheren.

How did this music take so long to become mainstream if it has been around since the early 80s? You can thank the World Wide Web for that one. The beats (used to create EDM songs) from disco tracks were on vinyl, some of this vinyl pretty rare. Thus, you knew the songs but they maintained a level of exclusivity. Nowadays if you like a track, you can have it on your phone in a matter of seconds. EDM also began to hit the mainstream when collaboration with mainstream vocal artists began to happen. For example, Calvin Harris working with artists like Ellie Goulding & Rihanna, David Guetta with Kelly Rowland & The Black Eyed Peas, and Steve Aoki with LMFAO, those remixes of Kid Cudi.. just to name a few. Remember our KickRaux article? Yeah, here’s some new EDM love for those wanting to be in the know.

EDM, the new and improved Disco era pumped up on an energy drink. It is the new music festival go to for your ultimate dance party. So get out there, and enjoy your millinial disco ball.

Listen to one of KingstontoLA’s favorite EDM tracks: Damian Marley and Skrillex “Make it Bun Dem” remixed by @therealdjcrooks.

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