Big time Jamaican artiste Road Elf, alongside Dancehall's popular duo Voicemail, and Dancehall's newest addition Razor B (broke out in 2015 with his hit single "Hot Up") have produced a new single running the streets of JA- "I Need You." The track was also produced by Kritikal Productions and distributed by 21st Hapilos. Naturally we had to catch up with Road Elf and ask how this track and how this collab came about.  Road Elf said it was quite simple, he was in the studio and invited Voicemail and Razor B. Sounds simple enough. Yet, when you have the dancehall energy and creative individuals, they can come up with a bomb track, which is what this collaboration has produced.

When you hear the song you realize it is a universal dance track for all those female dancers around the world. In the video, many of the popular dances are performed by some of JA's best dancers, here's a quick rundown of the dance and performer: Needle Eye (by Spice), Hot Up (by Razor B), Bruk Back (by Razor B), and Tough Head (by Loggo Loggo). This kind of stuff makes us very excited. Now, the Jamaicans in LA can enjoy and learn the popular moves from the island. The track also gives way for dancers to come up with their own routines and create high energy moves which will totally bring good vibes to any party, even if it's a party of one. 

We think the collaboration was spot on. Thankfully, Road Elf promises to keep producing more hit songs and accompanying them with dance videos as the year progresses. Check out the video, directed by Wade Rhoden below and learn all the new JA dances to keep yourself hip and fresh. Just like Kingston to LA.