Hiatus Kaiyote is a neo-soul quartet from Melbourne, Australia. The band consists of lead singer Naomi Saalfield, with the stage name of Nai Palm, bassist Paul Bender, percussionist Perrin Moss, and keyboardist Simon Mavin. Nai Palm acts as songwriter, and is also known for her eccentric love of bad ass costumes.  Her vocals are a smooth melismatic mix that is reminiscent of Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder. Hiatus Kaiyote’s music is imaginative and innovative, creating that feeling all music lovers crave.

The four-piece band seamlessly blends soul vocals, that jazz swing, Hip Hop grooves and other worldly electronic sounds, to form what the group describes as “future soul”.  Hiatus Kaiyote went from posting their debut album on a Bandcamp’s back page in 2013, to getting shout-outs from Prince and other famous admirers. Their innovative sound continues to impress, as they recently announced opening three shows, on the East Coast, for Chance the Rapper this coming October.

The band recently released their newest album “Choose Your Weapon” on May 1, 2015. The album is packed with 18 songs and comes with a digital booklet if you purchase the album in it’s entirety. With this new record in your rotation, you will thank us for establishing your late summer vibes.

Listen below to one of our favorite tracks, “Breathing Underwater”, from their newly released album.