Los Angeles, CA – The rap group, Old Habits Die Hard, is feeding the meter with two new singles “Crazy Now” and “All Fresh Everything.”  This is the first of three, two song releases that will comprise the full EP “What if I Die Tomorrow?”

A rap group. It sounds so simple, yet, it never is. A rapper, can be many things. His producer, many more. This is what Old Habits Die Hard brings you. At it’s base, it’s bluegrass.  Shakers, live drums, live bass and acoustic guitar. Layered with Hip Hop tempos, repetition, 808s. Ending in electronic Moog, keys, sung choruses and a high note. All this combined to create the Old Habits Die Hard sound.

We recently caught up with the groups MC, who for now chooses to remain nameless and faceless. We asked how he will perform while still hiding his face he said “I wanna do more with my music than with my face.” Well we’re already listening and staying tuned.

Their album will be availble for download on iTunes on 9/4.

am out to Old Habits’ latest release and one of our favorite new songs here on KingstontoLA:

Photo cred: Matt Shain @doggone.gundog