With all this music circling the stratosphere nowadays, it’s easy to get lost in the noisy digital space. As an LA resident, the noise can be especially deafening. Angelenos looking for a place to tune out this noise, and tune into some quality live acts can search high and low; with so many options in the city. It’s not always easy to find venues that have a committed following with fun, eclectic people. Thankfully, the city can always lean on The Satellite as one such venue that has this in spades. It’s “the place to be” for any music blogger/lover/raver that craves new music they can take home, research for hours and explore the new act you just can’t get enough of; you know the feeling. The venue has also become a Saturday night haunt for the dance loving tastemaker, with their original “Dance Yourself Clean” series.

Like butter on a hot piece of toast, Magic Bronson is the perfect accompaniment to the venue’s intoxicating savor. The LA based electronic music band will be performing live on Thursday October 8th. Magic Bronson is known for their spastic live performances; which blend several music genres from the pounding kick drum of hip hop to the deepest bass of rock and roll. Combined with the venue’s hip ambience, we’re looking forward to seeing Magic Bronson in all The Satellite‘s fan fueled glory.

Magic Bronson reminds me of a little Bon Iver meets Sugar Fish; blending in the friendliest way possible.

 It’s magic! Courtesy of Magic Bronson Music on Facebook

It’s magic! Courtesy of Magic Bronson Music on Facebook

Catch a vibe with one of their most delightful singles and one of our new favorite jams “Nor’Easter” :

Featured photo by Paige Sierre Photography