James the Human’s song, Actors, is an LA song if I ever heard one. One of those songs you hear for the first time and have to do tons of research about the performer because the lyrics ring so true. James the Human is an artist that really sums up what it is to be an artist in LA, in one song. Yes, artists definitely take the freeway, but not all of us are actors because some of us are busy paying attention to music that comes from people like James! Sorry James you got it wrong. We’re all actor AND bloggers. But I get it, because it totally seems like we’re all memorizing a script, waiting tables and doing tons of yoga.

The human singer-songwriter has been making a name for himself with his exquisite voice and unique performances. Exactly how long, we’re not sure since James’ social media is limited to just the basics. He may have been an actor, but currently he’s a creative songwriter and wonderful musician. Most recently, he perfromed to rave reviews at the Rise Lantern Festival. Catch James the Human performing with Jim and Sam on November 4th at 1534 Sunset in Echopark. If you’re an actor/blogger you definitely won’t want to miss this.

Glisten up your music library and take a listen to his incredible voice in Actors below:

Photos via James the Human on Facebook