Banga Brownin is one of LA’s newest lyricists making the rounds on the underground music scene. Born Kenya Lucas in New York’s Southside Jamaica Queens, music has been her guide since birth. Kenya made her debut on the dance floor when her mother went into labor while dancing at their family owned nightclub, E2P2. She grew up listening to her father DJ and her mother sing and play the tambourine. As a child, Kenya also learned to play the tambourine, while developing her powerful voice.

After growing up in the New York music scene, Banga’s soulful sound led her to Los Angeles. She first traveled to Texas, to write and record with Dallas Maverick’s player turned NBA coach, Jerry Stackhouse. While in downtown Dallas, Banga met one of the most talented producers in the industry today, Noel Fisher. Fisher, also known as Detail, has worked with artists such as Beyonce, Drake, and Lil’ Wayne. After meeting Fisher, the very next day, she flew to Los Angeles to pursue music full time. She has yet to look back.

Banga Brownin’s style of music is best described as a “mosh of reggae and dancehall riddims, infused with a melodic hiphop flow; with breathy, sultry chants and lyrics.” She gets most of her inspiration from her own life; specifically the ins and outs of love and relationships. Her music and life are one, making her music a powerful and relatable experience.

Banga is no beginner when it comes to writing her own songs. She can recall writing songs as early as the age of six. Now, for the past 15 years, Banga has been writing and pressing forward with her life long dream. The singer’s sights being inspired by Bob Marley, Erykah Badu, Nina Simone, Lauren Hill and Drake. Yet, her poetic, spoken word approach over beat breaks allows her to forge her own way.

 Kenya hanging with Jamaican Gold Sound @therealdjcrooks and @Q_bwoy. Photo cred @redgreenandblonde

Kenya hanging with Jamaican Gold Sound @therealdjcrooks and @Q_bwoy. Photo cred @redgreenandblonde

Banga can be spotted supporting her new Los Angeles family, the crew of Jamaican Gold Sound. She states, “being a part of Jamaican Gold influences my life as a whole. It’s the family culture that has helped me transition comfortably into a new city.”

Up next, Banga will be performing at the Virgil, with dates to be announced. In the meantime, the singer has developed a loyal following on her Soundcloud account. In 2016, she’ll be releasing her EP titled, “The Big Banga Theory.”

Listen to Banga Brownin’s newest song “Wine It Up” featuring @therealdjcrooks on the 1’s and 2’s.Photos courtesy of @kenyalu  

Photos courtesy of @kenyalu