David Bowie recently made headlines for celebrating his 69th birthday on the same day he released his final album, Blackstar. Fans around the world were shocked and saddened to hear the music, art and fashion icon lost his battle with cancer only two days later.

When we reflect on Bowie’s contributions, they are so vast and numerous, all we can do to honor him is celebrate.

Skater and mash up king Terry Urban, is an artist skilled at the art of reflection. While celebrating David Bowie’s legacy, Urban found a way to merge two men, Notorious BIG + Bowie, who have both inspired profound change and were taken from us way too soon.

Follow @terryurban on Instagram

Follow @terryurban on Instagram

Urban and his mix-tapes always shine, and if you haven’t checked them out before it is worth a rally. (Our favorite is The Graduate-FKA Biggie)

His most recent release, Biggie Stardust, gives us not only another great mash up, but the opportunity to celebrate two of our favorite artists in all their glory. Urban’s take on the creation? The artist shared the mashup on Facebook, with the caption “a dedication for two artists that have influenced me greatly.”