Hailing from the capital of St. Catherine, also known as Spanish Town, Tanto Blacks has been making some major moves. Dubbed the “richest man in Jamaica,” the dancehall artiste is known for the hashtag #RealRich, and having the (self-proclaimed) whitest teeth in the world. Blacks has become very active on social media, dealing with issues in Jamaica such as the “bad gas” in Montego Bay. He also set out to inspire Jamaicans into a community service mindset on Christmas Day, posting a video with the hashtag #cleanupyourcommunity.

.. See Christmas a foward... #cleanupyourcommunity

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The dancer turned artiste, was originally known for his moves on the dance floor. He coined the Tanto Dance in 2011 and has been in the spotlight since. He recently performed at Sting, Jamaica’s popular Christmas-time stage show, with a slew of other talented Dancehall artistes.

Follow Tanto Blacks @tantolifestyle on Instagram.

Follow Tanto Blacks @tantolifestyle on Instagram.

Most recently Blacks released his latest single “Mi Nuh Likey” on his label Mad House Records. Madd. Check out the single released here on the Jahvis Crushroad You Tube channel:

Photos courtesy of @tantolifestlye on Instagram.