This life is filled with so many uncertainties, we need to remember to cherish the moments we are blessed to share with one another. It’s with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of the young, beautiful and talented dancehall artist J. Capri, born Jordan Phillips. The 23 year old was involved in a car crash on November 23rd in Kingston, Jamaica. Early this Friday morning, she succumbed to her injuries. J. Capri was placed in a medically induced coma, from which she never awoke. Many dancehall artists and fans donated blood and visited the sing–jay at the University Hospital of the West Indies where she was being cared for. Countless prayers and well wishes were posted on Instagram and social media outlets, hoping for her quick recovery. At one point last week, rumors surfaced saying the dancehall artist had passed. Her family quickly corrected it. So it’s very unfortunate that today, the dancehall community has lost a bright young star too soon. May her family, friends and fans remember her zest for life and strong spirit.

On the 13th of November, the artist had just wrapped her “Heat My Love” European tour. Capri received plenty of recognition and much of her international stardom thanks to her fans in Europe. In 2013 her song “Wine and Kotch,” with Charly Black, hit #1 on iTunes in France. Her international following loved her vibe and enjoyed her energetic performances. With an engaging smile and unique style all her own, Capri strived to merge dancehall with her love for R&B. Her song, “Heat My Love,” is an example of how she blended the two with perfection.

Capri had hoped to bring dancehall music to the world. She admired Lady Saw, Patra, Spice and Tifa for helping to pave the way for female dancehall artists. She also credited and admired Sean Paul for bringing dancehall music into the international limelight. Capri was well on her way to making her own mark on the dancehall scene. Her tragic death has come as a shock to many, to say the least. May her music live on and her short precious life be remembered fondly. Rest in Peace J. Capri. 

Have a listen to her songs and dance your heart out in memory of J. Capri. Much love and many hugs we send to her friends, fans and family from all of us here at KingstontoLA.

*Featured Photograph taken by @krushdemzn