Erykah Badu is known for her ability to draw fans in with her outside the box style and creativity. Badu’s power stems from her ability to attract like minded activists with her unique underdog vibe. On social media, she shares bits of herself, while keeping us intrigued by remaining reclusive at times. As avid followers of her movements, we were thrilled when she released her first full-length album since 2010’s New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh. The album titled But You Caint Use My Phone, chronicles society’s over-reliance on cellular phone technology. While her soulful vocals make the album, the content focuses on our need to stay connected, and how this need affects relationships, love, etc.

On Hello, ft. Andre 3000, the two go back and forth with what seems like their own personal phone relationship over the years. Andre 3000 begins his verse by calling into question one big faux pas for couples dating in the cell phone age: Is it possible to leave your phone unlocked around your significant other facing up? Nothing to hide? Makes you think. Either way, Badu and Andre 3000 have such chemistry on this record, it has us wishing for a full length EP.

Check out Erykah Badu ft Andre 3000 in “Hello” here: